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A Formula One car is the very pinnacle of automotive engineering, using a host of cutting-edge technologies honed to near-perfection. Every year, millions of dollars are spent by F1TM teams for research and development and the result is the F1TM car – a machine built with single-minded focus, which is to make it go around a racetrack as fast as possible. Click on any of these F1TM cars to know more about them.

Machines Teams
150° Italia – Ferrari Ferrari
VJM04 – Mercedes Benz Force India
F111 – Cosworth HRT
T128 – Renault Lotus
MP4/26 – Mercedes-Benz FO 108Y McLaren
MGP W02 – Mercedes-Benz Mercedes
RB7 – Renault Red Bull Racing
R31 – Renault Renault
C30 – Ferrari Sauber
STR6 – Ferrari Toro Rosso
MVR-02 – Cosworth CA2011 Virgin
FW33 – Cosworth CA2011 Williams