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2011 Formula 1TM Airtel Grand Prix of India: Media Accreditation Information

The media accreditation process for the 2011 Formula 1TM Airtel Grand Prix of India is currently open. You can download the media accreditation form, fill it out and send it to us at the address given in the form. However, it is strongly recommended that you first take a look at the guidelines given below, which you may find useful. You can also refer to the full set of media accreditation guidelines, procedure and requirements, which can be found on the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)  website.

Indian Print Media and Indian Photographers
Indian publications and Indian photographers may please apply directly to the National Press Officer – 2011 Formula 1TM Airtel Grand Prix of India. Download the accreditation form here

Indian Radio
Indian radio stations must apply directly to the National Press Officer.  All applications will ultimately be approved by Formula One Management (FOM).

As there is a limited number of passes, please ensure that their guidelines are adhered to. A maximum of two passes will be allocated per station. Priority will be given to stations actively covering the FIA Formula One World Championship™ and in particular the Event.

Successful applicants will be granted access to the media centre on the understanding that any or all radio broadcasts from the Event will be in the form of brief periodic news reports (no longer than 60 seconds per report).

Applicants interested in providing more extensive coverage of the Event should apply directly to FOM for further consideration.
Email: media@fomltd.com

Once your application is approved, you will be notified via email. You will also receive information on where and when to pick up the media pass, as well as an Event Accreditation Agreement which you will need to return duly signed to FOM at the latest one week prior to the Event to be able to pick up the passes.

Indian TV
Indian TV channels must apply directly to Askari Zaidi  (askari.zaidi@jalindia.co.in) at Jaypee Sports International Ltd.

Applicants should include the following details on their official letterhead:
1.  Brief description of the channel
2.  Average TRPs for the last six months
3.  List of stories pertaining to F1, done in the last six months
4.  A declaration from the channel saying that it will provide adequate coverage to the 2011 Formula 1TM Airtel Grand Prix of India

In addition to the above, please also provide the following details:
Names and photographs of the correspondent and camera person being deputed to cover the event. The correspondent and camera person should also send photocopies of their press cards.

Note: TV channels will not have access to FOM press conferences held in the media centre. They will also not have access to the racetrack and will not be permitted to shoot the race. Channels will only have access to the paddock area in the circuit.

All Press Agencies
All national and international press agencies (including local, India-based offices of international agencies) should send their accreditation applications directly to the FIA. Applications must be made online

Indian Websites
Indian websites may please apply directly to the National Press Officer – 2011 Formula 1TM Airtel Grand Prix of India. Download the accreditation form here

Note: Websites associated with a print or broadcast media organization that has already applied for, and been granted, any other form of media accreditation will not qualify separately for accreditation. Also, please note that blogs are not eligible for media accreditation.

International Websites
All international websites, including local, India-based offices international websites, must apply directly to the FIA